A Liberal Democrat councillor who attempted to commute to and from Dubai to fulfil his council obligations has resigned.

In November, The Watford Observer revealed councillor Azam Razzaq, who represents the Leggatts Ward, was flying to and from Dubai while he considered an employment offer.

However, now his family has decided to move to the Middle East permanently he has tendered his resignation.

The news will trigger a council by-election, which will be held on June 4.

A statement from Watford Borough Council read: “We can confirm that Councillor Azam Razzaq has resigned as a Leggatts Ward Councillor.

“He has cited a combination of family illness, personal and business responsibilities as his reasons for the move.”

Mayor of Watford Dorothy Thornhill said Mr Razzaq had attempted kept up his council work while his future was uncertain.

He then tendered his resignation, she says, as soon as it became apparent he would be relocating away from Watford for good.

She said: “We always said as soon as he had decided he was staying in Dubai with his family for good he would resign.

“I think that was absolutely reasonable but now he is definitely staying he has done the sensible thing.”

The timing of his resignation means the by-election will be held at the same time as the upcoming European and county council elections.