Strange orange balls of light in the night sky have been reported over Kings Langley.

Sheri and Bob Stephens of Coniston Road were left puzzled after seeing a cluster of lights flying over their house on Thursday evening.

About 20 lights were spotted gliding towards Hemel Hempstead at 9.30pm.

Mrs Stephens described: "They were coming from the Watford area. The lights had no formation or sound and were flying as fast as an aircraft.

“There were other objects in the sky that were obviously planes with flashing lights."

The mother-of-two added: “They passed over the house in about five minutes. I would like to know if anyone else in the area saw anything or can provide answers as to what we saw.”

Nineteen-year-old Luke Batsable saw the lights as he was coming out of the Ovaltine estate.

He said: "I was with my girlfriend. We saw about 15 to 20 bright lights in the sky. They then started to disappear one by one. We don't have a clue what they were."

Did you see the same lights? Do you have any idea what they could be? Leave your comments below or call the news desk on 01923 216312.