TJL Marketing (, a Harpenden-based marketing company, were runners-up in the prestigious Remote Employer Awards, selected from 1000s of entries.

As one of the nine finalists, TJL Marketing was singled out for its flexible ethos in allowing its team the opportunity to work remotely to fit around existing commitments.

Remote Employment, a website for flexible and home based jobs, launched The Remote Worker Awards in association with BT Business to highlight how home working and remote working benefits the British public and their working life.

The Remote Worker Awards culminated in a ceremony at Cliveden House in Berkshire.

When Tracy Light founded TJL Marketing in 2003 it was always her aim that flexibility would be at the core of her business and it would not be structured within the restrictive 9 to 5 corporate world.

She said: “There are many skilled individuals who want to work but are unable to do a traditional 9 to 5 day.

“At TJl Marketing, we support the fact that people have other things in their lives apart from work and allow people to work the hours that they are able to do to fit around existing commitments. In our team we have people with young children, some are setting up or are already running their own business or they are semi retired.”