They say (whoever ‘They’ are) that 8 hours sleep is what we’re supposed to get to stay healthy, but I wonder how many of us actually get that magic number. Not many new Mums and Dads I bet!!

I was fast asleep last night when at about 3 am there was a loud bang, followed by a sought of clatter/rumbling noise. Now for those of you that remember my story about the grand piano (yes it’s still for sale if you're interested) I have a dog, so I closed my eyes and blamed the noise on the dog. By now of course I was wide-awake even if my eyes were closed and internally rationalising about what the noise could be. It was definitely the dog, wasn’t it? Must have been, what else could it have been? My rational self said all was well and the dog had knocked something over and I’d fix it in the morning. My irrational self was imagining all sorts of things were about to burst through the door and knock me over! So I did what most of us do, left it in the hope that it would be nothing to worry about. It’s like that mole you have that itches, that slight pain you have in your hip or toe, the headache that you get more frequently these days, the quietness of the telly or even the fact that your out of breath half way up the stairs nowadays. You could, like me, lie back and say everything will be OK, there’s nothing to worry about, it’ll be alright. But a bump in the night is one thing – your health is quite another. Don’t leave it until it’s too late, if you have any concerns about your health get some advice.

Did I get up and go and have a look at what had made the noise in my house? Yes I did, and wait until you hear what confronted me.