Street art in the style of graffiti artist Banksy has appeared in Watford town centre.

This stencil of a man holding a sign that reads “I need a Facebook” was painted on a wall close to the High Street, accessible through an alley way that leads from Exchange Road and runs alongside Jackson Jewellers.

However, it is unclear whether the artwork is the real thing or was produced by a copycat.

It was spotted this morning (Monday) by Charles London, a IT security engineer from the Reeds Estate.

The 47-year-old said: “I was walking through the town and decided to cut through there and hey presto. It's certainly made my day.

“It's the unmistakeable style with the overriding statement. I definitely think it's genuine.”

Banksy had become known for his often-political artwork appearing in cities across the country, and his paintings now fetch thousands of pounds at auction.

However, his real identity remains a mystery, despite several attempts to find out who the artist really is.

In 2006, a Banksy copycat with the signature 'Muddy' left several images in Abbots Langley High Street and in Bedmond.