I’ve just had a couple of weeks off work trying to catch up on the jobs I’ve been putting off for a while – not an unfamiliar story in our house. One of those jobs was to re-roof my shed. We all know that a shed is a great place for men to hide and mine is no exception. I have been putting off the dreaded moment; patching up where I can, putting buckets where I can’t. So I book the last two weeks off in February. What happens? It snows, it rains and it’s freezing. I manage to empty the shed of all those ‘you never know when you might want one of those’ items and the old bits of wood, half full tins of paint, the old fridge that was going to contain the sly bottle of beer, about a dozen huge spiders and off-cuts of carpet that must have been in my house one day but I don’t recall when. I put them all in a heap in the garden (and under a tarpaulin of course because it’s still raining). Now I have a shed with a leaky roof and an eyesore in the garden – I’ve made things worse.

Now I’m back at work and it’s constantly nagging at me to do something about it – should I call in an expert on shed roofs – sounds expensive. Perhaps it will never rain again, so I’ll be all right. Of course what I’m actually going to do is nothing and put it off until a (non) rainy day. It’s odd that I have done that. I don’t do that at work. At work I have set things to do by deadlines that bug me if I miss them. Some are complicated some are less so; some involve others and some only I can do. That reminds me, I’ve had a bad back for a few weeks now and a pain in my left arm - perhaps I should stop waiting for the rainy day and do something about it!