WATFORD are pleased by the 7,500 season tickets sold to date, but Tim Shaw has urged fans who are still considering whether to buy one to put their hands in their pockets, if only to help the Hornets during their troubles.

"I have been very, very encouraged and thankful that the supporters have backed us in terms of the numbers that have taken season tickets in the way that they have, said the chief executive.

"It was a disappointing season last year, and there's been a catalogue of bad news from this club since around about February, and supporters would have had every reason to have turned around and said why have anything to do this.

"But I would really like to use this opportunity to thank people for what they've done. Please, however, do not stop there. If you've got friends that come to games, and you think you can persuade them to get a season ticket please, please.

"Once we get past all the questions and all the holding the hands up and saying these are our mistakes or blaming people where they need to be blamed, let's bring this whole thing together and try to be unified.

"I'm not saying that buying a season ticket at Watford is the greatest investment you'll ever make, but if you're heart is with Watford, please just back you're heart for now.

Shaw would like to see Watford get closer to the 12,000 season-ticket holders teams like Norwich City have.

June 21, 2002 12:30