Mill Hill is to become the ostrich centre of Britain after a company signed an exclusive deal to import and distribute 'the healthiest meat you can eat'.

Plantation Trading Ltd in Flower Lane, has become the sole agents of ostrich meat from the Klein Karoo Co-Operative in Oudtshoorn, South Africa, the 'centre of the international ostrich industry for over 130 years'.

Managing director Humphrey Harrison is a South African with a passion for ostrich meat.

"It's very popular in South Africa, it's been farmed commercially there for 130 years. Ostriches are indigenous to the dry savannah plains and the birds are well-kept on a free range basis.

"If you say to people: 'do you want ostrich?' they say 'no', but if you say: 'do you know it has got less than half the fat of other meat', they say 'yes'."

He says that his ostrich has half the calories of chicken and half the fat.

"If I served it to you, you would not know that it wasn't beef. You might say 'this has got a pleasant mild flavour' but you wouldn't doubt it was beef."

Highlands Organics Butchers in Bittacy Hill, Mill Hill, which stocks exotic meats such as kangaroo, crocodile and buffalo is now selling Mr Harrison's ostrich. Manager Mike Evans said: "Ostrich is one of our best sellers it's so healthy and it's got no cholesterol."

June 21, 2002 17:00