Bushey could soon be the unlikely location of a government x-file as residents reported several UFO sightings in the past month.

Jackie Noise says she was “really freaked” when she and her husband spotted a UFO for the second night in a row floating above Pasture Close this week.

She filmed a bright, flashing light in the sky, at about 11.15pm on Wednesday, June 30, and says it was a “really strange” experience.

She said: “It was a ball of light travelling in a straight line. To the naked eye it appeared white, but when I zoomed in it was changing colours – red, white, blue, yellow.”

On Friday, June 11, two more sightings in Bushey were reported at www.uk-ufo.co.uk by an unnamed resident.

They said: “I could see three objects in a line formation. The upper one was shining with white light, the second and third objects were shining in red and were situated beneath the whitish one.

For seven to ten minutes all the formation was stationary.

“Ten minutes before this sighting, my wife was observing a single, whitish, fast, dot-like object moving upwards. The movement was chaotic and without pattern.”

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