A Bushey woman claims new footage of a UFO flying above her house proves without doubt the object is not man-made.

Jackie Noise posted a video of the unusual object flying over her home on June 30.

The following night she was able to take more footage and says the images prove it is not a Chinese lantern or the international space station (ISS) as some observers suggested.

She saw the bright, flashing light three nights in a row and says she was even more “freaked out” by it when she looked at the new footage.

The 38-year-old shop assistant and part-time singer said: “I have researched the ISS and Chinese lanterns and there is no way it is either of those. It changes colour and shape and just doesn't look like anything that man would make.

“People either think I'm mad or they agree that it is a UFO. It is really beautiful and vivid. Perhaps there are things being tested in the sky or something but it doesn't look like anything I have seen before.”

On Friday, June 11, two more sightings in Bushey were reported at www.uk-ufo.co.uk by an unnamed resident.

They said: “I could see three objects in a line formation. The upper one was shining with white light, the second and third objects were shining in red and were situated beneath the whitish one.

"For seven to ten minutes all the formation was stationary.

“Ten minutes before this sighting, my wife was observing a single, whitish, fast, dot-like object moving upwards. The movement was chaotic and without pattern.”

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