A long established milk delivery company in Watford has changed its name more than a year after the business was sold.

Braziers Dairy, which has a depot in Oxhey Lane, was sold to Pensworth approximately 18 months ago.

The new owners had intended to keep the familiar name but after discovering there was another depot with the same name, it was decided to change it.

Gideon Bishop, director and owner of Pensworth, said: “We were planning to keep the local name and brand, which is what we do in similar situations. But it was apparent we had to backtrack that mindset and the company was ready and needed to use the brand we use with the rest of the business.”

Originally a milk processing business, Braziers began delivering milk to customers on their doosteps, supplied by Dairycrest.

The contract was later taken over by Pensworth, and when Braziers was put up for sale, Pensworth was given the first option to buy it.

Since taking over, its five depots have been reduced to just the Watford and Aylesbury centres.