An award-winning Radlett magician will jet off to South Africa later this month to pass on a bit of trickery to some eager young students.

Jon Allen, of Woodfield Road, is giving up his time free-of-charge to lecture students at the College of Magic, in Cape Town.

An eager magician since the age of nine, Jon performs close-up magic at corporate events and private parties and says he hopes to pass on one or two things he has learnt to students at the college.

The world IBM close-up magic champion said: “Magic brings out people's confidence and it is great to see children's faces light up when they learn a new trick. It doesn't matter who you are or where you are, it just brings people together.”

The college, which takes students through a six-year dimploma in magic, is celebrating its 30th year and John will fly out on October 19, for one week, to help them celebrate.

Magic, says the college, provides a way for students to “face a multitude of challenges in a country suffering problems such as poverty, violence, drugs, crime and an HIV/AIDS pandemic”.

Jon has previously given lectures around the world - he will be travelling to France and Scandinavia after this trip - but says he is excited about visiting the children in South Africa.

He added: “It is a very big honour and I feel I am able to put something back in to magic. It will be great to teach the kids - they are so appreciative and that is exciting.

“I'm hoping it will go really well. After all, one Englishman has got to do well in South Africa this year.”