A blood-stained rucksack and rubber gloves were found with other items in the boot of murder suspect Julian Felisi's car, a court heard this morning.

Scene of crime officer Michaela Stratton told the court a blood stain, “about the size of a thumb”, was found on a rucksack in the boot of Mr Felisi's Skoda Octavia.

Officers also found three pairs of orange gloves and two pairs of rubber gloves, along with a car boot mat rolled up in several carrier bags, when they searched the vehicle, on March 16 and March 17, after Mr Felisi's arrest.

The court also heard extensive forensic examinations carried out on the car failed to find any conclusive evidence that murder victim Gary Bennett had travelled in the vehicle.

A statement by forensic scientist Penelope Griffiths, which was read out to the court, stated that numerous dog hairs were found inside Mr Felisi's car.

These were compared with hairs found on Mr Bennett's body to examine the possibility they were transferred to him while he was in Mr Felisi's car.

However, she concluded there was only “limited evidence” to suggest Mr Bennett had travelled in the vehicle based on that analysis.

The court heard that no evidence of blood samples or other body tissue from Mr Bennett was found in the interior of the car.

The jury also heard testimony from forensic scientist Joanne Coogan, who examined the distribution of blood at the scene of the crime.

She said: “The appearance and distribution of the blood was indicative of Mr Bennett being struck repeatedly, while at a low level, with an implement that has caused blood to appear on the nearest wall.

"Blood may also have been distributed from a wet hand coming into contact with the wall, possibly during the wielding of the implement.”

Ms Coogan is due to give the rest of her testimony this afternoon, which will include the results of DNA analysis on the suspected wet hand print.