Key CCTV evidence captured at the scene of Watford bin man Gary Bennett's murder was shown to a jury this afternoon.

The court was shown a sequence of images captured by various cameras in and around Aldenham Country Park, in Dagger Lane, as well as footage from the Wiggenhall Road waste depot, at which the victim and the defendant both worked.

The prosecution claim footage taken from a camera at the main entrance to Bio Products Laboratory (BPL), in Dagger Lane, shows defendant Julian Felisi's car drive past the main entrance three times, between 5.03am and 5.26am.

Another BPL camera then, according to the prosecution, shows Mr Felisi's vehicle parking in a lay-by a few hundred yards from the kissing gate entrance to the park.

At 5.30am, footage taken by a camera in the main entrance to the park, the prosecution claims, shows two figures in high visibility jackets walk through the kissing gate towards the disused information kiosk where Mr Bennett's body was later found.

Thirteen minutes and thirty seconds later, at 5.44am, just one figure returns on the same path back from the direction of the kiosk and through the kissing gate.

Footage from the same camera that captured, as the prosecution claim, a vehicle parking in the lay-by, shows the lights on the same vehicle being turned on and then driven away at 5.47am.

Detective Sergeant Neil Langford, investigating the case, took the stand to guide the jury through the CCTV evidence.

He explained that, due to the darkness at that time of the morning, it was not initially clear whether or not the two “blobs of light” seen moving through the kissing gate and into the park were in fact people.

The court heard Sergeant Langford and a colleague re-enacted the sequence one week after the murder - walking through the kissing gate towards the kiosk in high visibility jackets at about the same time.

The jury was shown near identical images captured during the re-enactment, which included two people walking into the park and one walking out.

Sergeant Langford also told the court that footage capturing the vehicle of Mr and Mrs Kent, who gave evidence last week, driving on Dagger Lane at 5.28am was not included in the sequence.

The court was then shown footage which captured a man, who the prosecution claim to be Mr Felisi, arriving at the Wiggenhall Road waste depot in a high visibility jacket at 6.04am.

The trial continues.