Above is the timeline of CCTV evidence and testimony police used to piece together what happened on the morning Watford bin man Julian Felisi murdered his colleague Gary Bennett.

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NB: Times shown in bold numbers represent GMT. Times in brackets show the clock on the camera where the time is out by more than one minute.

04.45 – The time Julian Felisi claims he picked up Gary Bennett from his house in Little Oxhey Lane – both are wearing high visibility jackets on Felisi's own evidence.

05:03 – Camera 16 at the entrance to Bio Products Laboratory, in Dagger Lane, captures Felisi's car driving towards Aldenham Country Park. The car is missing a rear hub cap on the driver's side, as Felisi's did at the time.

05:09 – Felisi's car is shown driving back away from the park past the BPL entrance.

05:26 – Felisi's car drives back past the BPL entrance towards the park one more time.

05:27 – BPL camera picks up a car pulling into the lay-by outside a row of cottages a few hundred yards from the kissing gate entrance to Aldenham Country Park. The footage shows two headlight beams in the middle of the screen turned off after the car has pulled up.

05:30 – Two men in high visibility jackets walk through the kissing gate entrance to the park towards the disused information kiosk out of view of the camera.

05:44 – One man in a high visibility jacket, now known to be Felisi, walks back from the direction of the kiosk through the kissing gate into Dagger Lane and out of view. He stops and looks back once he is halfway back, and then again when he gets to the gate.

05:47:28 – BPL camera picks up car headlights being turned on in the layby outside the cottages before pulling away.

05:58 – Felisi phones the driver of his lorry to tell him he will be “a few minutes late” for work.

06:04 - (05:57) – Felisi drives through the gates at the Wiggenhall Road waste depot wearing a high visibility jacket.

06:05 - (05:58) - He parks his car and walks to the toilets - no longer wearing his high visibility jacket - where he remains for about one minute and thirty seconds.

06:08 - (06:01) - He walks to sign in.

06:09 - (06:02) - After signing in, Felisi walks back to his car wearing a short-sleeved high visibility t-shirt - just around the corner of the building on the right hand side of the screen.

06:10 - (06:03) - He is briefly seen standing at the boot of his car – prosecution barrister Michael Speak suggested Felisi was stuffing his high visibility jacket in his rucksack, a possible cause of the blood that was later found on it.

06:11 - (06:04) - Felisi walks down towards the camera, out of sight, in the direction of the exit where it is believed he got in his lorry which was waiting for him – it later emerged he borrowed a high visibility jacket from the truck belonging to Gary Bennett.

Approximately 13:30 - Felisi walks to his car at the end of his shift before driving home. Gary Bennett's body had been discovered about four hours and 45 minutes earlier.