AN application for a phone mast in West Watford has prompted opposition from residents.

T-Mobile is proposing to install one on the roof of Rembrandt House in Whippendell Road, directly opposite the home of Dr Claire Scott and David Scott.

The couple, who live in Oakhurst Place, say the mast will be unsightly, and suggest T-Mobile shares the Vodaphone antenna already on Rembrandt House, or one of the other installations in the area instead.

They also suggest that masts could be concealed in the roof of the building, as the T-Mobile installation at the Shell garage, in Rickmansworth Road, appears to have been.

They also raised concerns about the mast's impact on health.

Chairman of the council's planning committee, Councillor Alan Burtenshaw said the installation of the mast could be blocked on aesthetic grounds, if it was thought to be visually intrusive.

He said however, the council had lost a planning appeal after opposing a mast on health grounds, because there is no proof they are detrimental to people's health.

He said: "The situation is that, whereas most people like being able to use mobile phones, they don't like the masts that go with them."

He said building owners can decide not to have masts on their property, just as the council has decided not to have any on the Town Hall, because it is a locally listed building.

The planning application is expected to come before the council's planning committee in September.

Readers interested in the location of mobile phone masts can visit, to see where local masts are.

T-Mobile were unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.