When Alfie Osborne took up martial arts to help boost his confidence and conquer a speech impediment, little did he realise he would become the UK’s first Little Dragons Black Belt.

But on Sunday, Alfie, six, astounded judges at a Qi Kwan Do grading event with his martial arts moves, and was awarded the prestigious title.

Alfie’s mother, Rebeccah Hornsby, of Ovaltine Drive, Kings Langley, explained: “When Alfie was three he was quite shy and had a stutter, so my partner Craig and I decided to try and find him a sport to get involved in.

“He wasn’t keen on football, but he did have a powerful punch.

“We took him along to the Qi Kwan Do Parisi Black Belt School in Radlett and it turned out he was a natural.”

Under the guidance of martial arts teacher Jane Davis, Alfie has been awarded title after title.

On Sunday, he performed a selection of martial arts moves in front of a panel of judges including grand master Robert Parisi, founder of the sport.

Describing the grading at the Odyssey Health Club in Stevenage, the Kings Langley Primary School pupil said: “I was quite nervous as there were a lot of people there.

“But I just showed everyone all my different punches, kicks and stances.

“It’s been really exciting to be awarded the Little Dragons Black Belt. I think I’m the youngest person in the UK to have it.”

As the holder of a black belt, Alfie said that students in his Qi Kwan Do class, many older than him, are required to bow to him before leaving.

And despite improving his athleticism and flexibility, Alfie’s father Craig Osborne said the martial arts classes have helped develop his son’s personality.

The 30-year-old said: “The misconception is that martial arts are all about fighting, but it’s not.

“He’s learned life skills - about nutrition, health, what to do in an emergency, anti-bullying, self-defence and the danger of talking to strangers.

“He’s always motivated and I believe that it’s all thanks to Qi Kwan Do.”

Alfie, who will attend martial arts exhibitions to further his skills in the coming months added: “In the future I’d really like to go to Las Vegas and see all the great fighters perform.

“But for now I’ve got my Three Ninja and Bruce Lee videos, which I watch every morning before school.”