A disabled woman from Kings Langley has hit out at thieves after they stole her mobility scooter.

Rosemary Mayo Franklin, 67, had decided to leave her home in Coniston Road on Friday afternoon to meet a friend for lunch.

She had parked her mobility scooter outside a house in the road at midday, but when she returned from her meeting at 3pm, it had disappeared.

The retired arts therapist and writer said: “I couldn’t believe it was gone.

“I mean, who steals from a disabled person?

“There’s no excuse for it, people know that these scooters are used by the disabled to get around and about.

“Someone has made life incredibly difficult for me – it’s unfair.”

The grandmother, who finds it difficult to walk after having a series of strokes over the years, said she has been left practically housebound following the theft.

Costing about £550, the scooter is burgundy, made of fibreglass and reaches speeds of about four miles per hour.

Despite removing the key from the ignition, Mrs Mayo Franklin said thieves could have moved the scooter thanks to a hidden lever.

She continued: “Unfortunately I can’t remember the make and model of the scooter, which may make it harder to trace.

“But the cost of a new one will be a burden - I struggle to manage financially as it is.

“My home insurance has offered to help cover some of the cost of a new scooter, but of course my monthly payments will go up as a result.

“Someone must have seen something. It’s a busy road between those times.

“If kids were messing about and took it, they could just return it. But if someone has stolen it to sell it for scrap metal, then that’s the end of it.

“I hope they have this on their conscience – they’ve stolen from someone disabled.”

Anyone with information can contact investigating officer PC Johanna Stuart on:0845 3300 222