Residents looking out on their Rickmansworth street may soon find the view dominated by a 12.5 metre high mobile telephone mast.

A proposal for the telegraph pole, its six antennas, and equipment cabinets in Highfield Way was discussed at an extraordinary meeting in Chorleywood Parish Council offices this morning.

Vodafone and o2, who would share the mast, claim it is needed to improve “3G” internet coverage around north east Chorleywood, and the Metropolitan underground line.

Richard Hodgkinson lives about 25 metres from the proposed site of the mast, and spoke on behalf of the residents in Highfield Way.

He said: “The mast would be a total alien feature, that would be dangerous due to its proximity to the junction of Beacon Way, where vehicles exiting will have their visibility greatly reduced.

“The proposal cares not for the impact on the neighbourhood's local environment nor the health and well-being of its residents.”

In May 2000 the Stewart Report looked into the health-risks of families living underneath mobile telephone masts and their associated equipment.

Mr Hodgkinson added: “Although the Stewart report states there is no risk to general health, it also states that children might be especially vulnerable to any adverse effects of RF radiation.

“The family at number 92 have twin boys who were born three months prematurely at two pounds each and spent the first six months of their lives in intensive care.

"These little boys who live within metres of the proposed base station could be severely affected by the radiation.”

Chorleywood Parish Council registered its disapproval of the telephone mast due to its location, and proximity to both residential homes and the local primary school.

Councillors also discussed the height of the mast and the size of the equipment cabinets, and the effect these would have on road users and pedestrians, at a meeting this morning.

Three Rivers District Council will discuss the proposal at the development control meeting tomorrow night, and plan to raise an objection to the telephone mast.