Plans for mobile phone masts in Rickmansworth and Maple Cross have received objections from Three Rivers District Council.

Proposals for 12.5 metre telegraph poles and equipment cabinets in Highfield Way and Longcroft were discussed at development and control meeting this evening.

Vodafone and o2, who will share the masts, claim there is a need for improved “3G” internet coverage around north east Chorleywood, and the Metropolitan underground line.

Chris Hayward said: “There has been such an outcry about this, and a rightful outcry. What will concern me is in raising this objection, this will go to appeal and be granted.”

Russell Smith, Conservative councillor for Rickmansworth West, described the application as “crass, nonsensical and bizarre”.

He added: “It is such an inappropriate area to house a monstrosity such as this, I thought they had the wrong road.”

Three Rivers District Council's development control committee raised an objection to the masts.

More to follow.