Ideas for projects in South Oxhey are needed, to be carried out by convicted criminals under the community payback scheme.

Courts have the power to sentence criminals to undertake between 40 and 300 hours of work in the community.

This is unpaid and demanding work, aimed at forcing offenders to repay their community in a productive way.

Projects can be based in the town or for the good of a charity, such as street clean-ups, graffiti removal, vegetation clearing, and even painting of derelict or run down buildings.

In order to qualify for the free labour, the project must be worthwhile, constructive and give offenders the opportunity to acquire new skills.

A new email address has been set up for residents to send ideas for projects in South Oxhey, and some suggestions received have included:

  • Cutting back the overgrowth in the footpaths at the top of Prestwick meadows.
  • Removing improper advertising from around the area – such as “scrap cars wanted” signs and on junctions.
  • Renovating bicycles or cars to be donated to groups.
  • Using an allotment or public area to raise crops or eggs from chickens which could then be sold.

Northwick Ward Conservative councillor Ty Harris said: “This scheme brings the community together, improves our local environments, and supports victims of crime so that they see the community payback at work.

“Hopefully this punishment creates opportunities to develop skills and interests so criminals can consider alternative paths away from offending.

“It is worth noting, not every offender is a hardened criminal and normal law abiding citizens can take a wrong path and end up being ordered to complete community payback.”

If you have an idea send it to along with contact details.

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