A selection of the world’s most environmentally friendly vehicles will be on display in Bricket Wood on Sunday.

The low carbon cars, motorcycles, lorries, taxis and other assorted green machines will stop at the BRE Innovation Park as the annual Bridgestone Eco Rally makes its way from Oxford to London.

Celebrity drivers, including glamour model Samantha Fox and actor Robert Llewellyn, will call at the site, in Bucknalls Lane, for a pit stop and to recharge their electric vehicles from 11am.

The innovation park, a world leader in green technology, was chosen because of its commitment to sustainable housing.

Guy Hammersley, chief executive of BRE Ventures said: "We are delighted to be supporting this year's Eco-Rally. Sustainability affects every aspect of our lives and to make a real difference, we must work in a joined-up and holistic way. Transport and the built environment are inexorably linked and this is a great opportunity to showcase leading-edge innovations from both sectors side by side."