South Oxhey residents are demanding a proper pathway between two roads in order to reduce repeated damage to a fence.

The Meadows is an area of land between Ashridge Drive, Burnley Close and Prestwick Road in South Oxhey.

More than 120 people have signed a petition asking Three Rivers District Council to put an access point to the Meadows on Ashridge Drive, allowing residents to cut through to Burnley Close and Prestwick Road.

Deborah Tunnicliffe, from Burnley Close, said “I have lived here for more than 25 years. There has been a path from Burnley Close through the Meadows to Prestwick Road for years, creating an ‘official’ exit onto Ashridge Drive is well overdue.

A broken fence has been used as a makeshift access point to the Meadows for the past ten years, which has been repaired by the council several times.

The cost of these repairs, which have been undertaken at least three times this year, costing tax payers £300-500 each time.

Christopher Thompson, from Ashridge Drive, said: “Something needs to be done about this. Either a pathway needs to be put in or a metal fence erected to restrict access.

"Proper lighting is also required to scare off fly-tippers and stop anti-social behaviour.”

Councillor Paul Gordon said drug paraphernalia and rubbish from fly tippers had been removed from the area.

He added: “It makes absolute sense to put an access point to the Meadows at this point.

"A proper access way will encourage residents to use the Meadows and reduce drug taking and anti-social behaviour.

"To continue to replace the fence is a clear waste of council tax payers’ money and must be stopped.”