Residents in Bushey have banded together to fight “monstrous” plans to erect a mobile phone mast yards from their homes.

Network operators o2 and Vodafone submitted a joint application for a 12.5-metre antenna on the corner of Melbourne Road and Coldharbour Lane.

The submission comes six months after the operators saw initial plans to site the pole some 300 yards down the road thrown out by Hertsmere Council.

Their latest bid has sparked a furious reaction from neighbours who in five days have gathered 400 names on a petition and submitted 100 letters of objection to the council’s planning department.

David Gasgoigne, of neighbouring Herkomer Road, said: “It will be a monstrosity, an eye sore, and it affects all the residents around here.

“It will be at least double the height of these houses, why can’t they put it on more open land where it can be hidden?

“It is going to ruin the atmosphere of this local area – it is like having an industrial pole in the middle of the houses. It is just not on.”

The previous application was rejected in May by councillors who said the positioning would create an eye sore.

Councillor Pervez Choudhury backed a residents’ campaign to fight the plans and will be speaking on behalf of the latest complainants when the issue comes before Hertsmere’s planning committee in December.

He said: “This is a little further away from the (Little Reddings) primary school but is too near too many people’s homes. There are more places it would be better placed with no people living nearby.”

Campaign organiser Jo Wolff, of Herkomer Road, said she has been delighted with the level of support shown by residents and is hopeful they can prevent the plans going through.

The mother-of-one added: “I feel very strongly about this. There are so many issues – the property prices, possible health problems. This is a nice village and we came here to raise a family but I know that some people will want to leave if this gets built.

“I’m really pleased at everyone’s reaction and we will continue to gather support in the hope this does not go through.”

To join Jo’s campaign, email