Safety campaigners are calling on highways bosses to ban the speed hump and enforce a blanket 20mph limit in all of Watford’s residential roads.

Members of the ‘20s Plenty for Watford’ campaign are calling on politicians to introduce more speed signs as a cost effective way of slowing speedy motorists.

Those backing the policy say it has already been proven to work in places where it has already been introduced, including Lancashire, Oxford and Portsmouth.

Campaign organiser Kevin Ambrose, of Church Road, explained: “Not only is this scheme much cheaper than laying speed humps everywhere, it works.

“For the amount of money Hertfordshire Council is throwing at this, they could make the whole of Watford 20mph without any more speed humps. Portsmouth managed to introduce such a scheme across a city of 180,000 people for less than Hertfordshire have already spent in Watford.

“It means safer streets for residents – they can encourage their children to cycle or walk to school. For motorists, it means less speed humps and no confusion about the speed limit.”

The group is arranging to meet with the county’s politicians in the coming months to gain further backing for their campaign.

A number of residential associations in the town have already voiced their approval and members hope to approach Hertfordshire County Council, in charge of the road network, later this year.

Campaigner Dave Calder, from cycling group Spokes, said: “In places that have adopted 20mph, accident rates have fallen, drivers find little difference in their journey times and people feel safer when walking or cycling.”

Mr Ambrose, a policy advisor for local authorities, claims a number of local councillors from all parties have already voiced their approval of the scheme.

He said: “We’re trying to make contact with more politicians to spread the word but this is really gathering momentum. We want as many people as possible to back our campaign and make our streets safer.”

For more information about the campaign, email Mr Ambrose at