Taxi passengers in Watford could face a steep rise in the minimum fare under plans to shake up the town’s cab services.

Politicians are set to look at proposals to more than double the lowest fee from £2.20 to £5 as part of a raft of measures aimed at overhauling of the way hackney carriages and private hires operate in Watford.

In a report to Watford Borough Council’s licensing committee, which is due to meet tonight, officers said the proposed rise had broad support from taxi drivers.

However councillors on the committee have been told that if they are inclined to support the increase it would have to come as part of a fares review and the proposal would probably need to go to public consultation before final approval.

The proposed changes to Watford’s taxi service come after a long consultation by the council with drivers and passengers earlier this year.

The main initiative under discussion tonight is whether to cap the number of taxi licences issued.

Among some of the other proposals the council is looking at are bringing in age limits of 13 years and 15 years for cabs as well as introducing refresher training for drivers every six years.