Unofficial polls have revealed growing support for a 20 mile per hour speed limit restriction for vehicles in Three Rivers.

A scheme is currently being discussed by Watford Borough Council, where non-major roads will be restricted to a lower 20mph speed limit.

Three Rivers District councillors Sara Bedford and Alison Scarth have conducted straw polls in their wards which show "overwhelming" support for similar schemes there.

Mrs Bedford, Abbots Langley councillor, said: "I think it’s a good idea on residential roads, on many you can’t drive safely at 30mph anyway and I don’t see that it will slow people down.

"Parents said they would prefer it for their children, who are not as good at judging fast-moving traffic as they could be.

"There is also an overwhelming number of older people who said they are not as quick at moving as they used to be."

The Liberal Democrat councillor is currently undertaking a "low-level campaign" of leaflets and emails about setting a lower speed limit in Abbots Langley.

She added: "So far hundreds of people have been in favour and only one person said they were not sure.

"The high street is not a main road like in Kings Langley so to have it a 20mph would make it easier for people. Lots of people want to see a lower speed limit in residential roads as well."

A similar campaign is being run by Alison Scarth, Oxhey Hall councillor, who is looking to see whether residents in Oaklands Avenue, and Hillcroft Crescent would support the scheme.

The streets are used as a rat run to escape the junction at Brookdene Avenue.

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