A Bushey family fear they could end up homeless, as proceedings to evict them from their rented home draw closer.

The Braddocks, who have been living in St Leonards Close for the past year, were notified by their landlord that they would be evicted from the property in December 2011.

The seven-strong Braddock family rent the property through a private landlord, but Hertsmere Borough Council pays their rent through housing benefits.

According to mother-of-five Jackie Braddock, despite repeatedly asking Hertsmere Borough Council for new accommodation, their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

The 44-year-old, who is registered disabled, said: " I can't eat, I can't sleep. All I do is cry at the thought that we could end up without anywhere to live.

"The landlord told us we would have to move out, not through any fault of our own, but because the owner simply wants the property back. I told Hertsmere Borough Council this, but I don't seem to be getting anywhere.

"At first they said we had to wait until we received a notice from the bailiff - but if we wait for the bailiff it's likely we'll have to move out within two days of the notice.

"That's not enough time for us to pack up, especially as I've got MS, a son with autism and another son with a heart condition (Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome) and ADHD.

"Then we were told we wouldn't be given a place to live in Bushey because there aren't enough homes. Instead we would have to move to Tottenham or Essex. We've got two young children at school here, they're getting on well - we can't just uproot them.

"The whole thing is so stressful, we're just living day-to-day, with no idea what the future holds."

At present, the Braddock's lounge is filled with boxes, as the family prepare to be moved.

Husband Peter Braddock, 46, who acts as his wife's carer, said he and his wife had repeatedly phoned the council in an attempt to find a new home in the area.

He said: "I'm originally from Borehamwood so I would have thought the council would've given some priority to people originally from Hertsmere.

"There's also the fact that we've been given no clue as to when exactly we will be evicted. We're being told to wait for the bailiffs. But if we have to go, not only are we wondering where we're going to live, but where will all our stuff go?

"The council suggested we rent a garage. We can't afford to put a roof over our heads, how are we going to afford that?"

Hertsmere Borough Council said it would not comment on individual cases.

Kim Harwood, housing services manager for the council, said: "If someone is homeless or has been threatened with homelessness within 28 days, we may be able to offer them temporary emergency accommodation.

"Every effort is made to offer accommodation in the borough especially for households with children who are sitting school exams. However, there is a national housing shortage and temporary accommodation in Hertsmere is limited.

"For households with children or individuals with support needs, hotel accommodation is not suitable. In such cases we do have to offer temporary accommodation outside the borough which could be in Enfield, Harrow, Tottenham, Edmonton or further afield if necessary.

"If a family is offered accommodation outside the area, Hertfordshire County Council may be able to help provide short-term travel arrangements for the children so they can get to school."