A prolific Hertfordshire burglar has recorded a video explaining a recent spike of burglaries against Asian homeowners.

The 24-year-old man admitted to more than 175 burglaries between 2007 and 2011, which took place across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and north London.

In a video uploaded to youtube, he explains how he targeted Asian homes due to a combination of a guaranteed haul of gold jewellery, and the current high price of the metal.

The man, who cannot be named as part of his rehabilitation, said: “It was a thrill seeking thing, and the money was always a good thing obviously.

“It felt sophisticated the way we were doing it. It wasn’t TVs or laptops, we knew what we was targeting and what we’d get.”

Although the number of burglaries in Hertfordshire fell by about 19 per cent between April 2011 and March 2012, a total of 110 burglaries were committed in Asian households.

A recent burglary victim, who lost £40,000 of jewellery, said: “Despite the significant monetary value, it is the sentimental trauma that hurts the most.

“Each piece was individual in nature and handed down from generation to generation so had great sentimental value and, if not found, is irreplaceable.

“Knowing someone has been through all of your house is very eerie and uncomfortable, not only for adults but for children as well.”

The video will be shown to members of the Asian community in Watford in a pilot scheme before being rolled out to the rest of the county.

This will take place in mosques, temples and community centres, where people can view a longer version of the film and be given crime prevention advice.

In the video the man advises keeping a light on, having an alarm and CCTV, and finally keeping valuables in a large safe.

He added: “You can never stop a burglar from going into your house 100 per cent, but there are little things that make you think twice – and thinking twice is good enough.”

He also suggested more sophisticated means such as using a safety deposit box or SmartWater tagging system.

Detective inspector Clare Smith stated: “We know this community has been particularly vulnerable to burglary in recent months while the price of gold has increased.

“This information, provided to police by this offender, will further boost our work and will also allow people to hear first-hand what they can do to help themselves.”