One of the country’s most prominent pro-cannabis campaigners has branded the people of Bovingdon "nasty, selfish and dirty" in an online rant.

Peter Reynolds tore into the village in an article on his blog titled "The Obnoxious People of Bovingdon" which was written in 2010 before he became leader of political party Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR).

Mr Reynolds revealed his parents live in the village and that he visits approximately every month from his home in Weymouth.

However, the article quickly descends into an attack on Bovingdon residents and in particular motorists.

He writes: "Every time I visit there I am dismayed, horrified even at the boorish, selfish and obnoxious behavior of the local drivers.

"There’s nowhere to park in Bovingdon but that doesn’t stop them. "They park half on, half off the pavement in the most dangerous and inconsiderate places, often right opposite each other. "The town is full of ostentatious, gaudy four-wheel drive Toyotas, Mitsubishis or, God preserve us from even more oriental invaders, Kias [sic]. Does no one buy British anymore?"

Mr Reynolds also directs his vitriol at the residents over fly-tipping and the amount of litter he has seen in hedgerows.

He said: "As I walk the dogs around the local countryside I am disgusted at the fly-tipping and the disgraceful amount and variety of rubbish in the hedgerows.

"It’s difficult to understand why this wealthy and privileged part of the country is full of so many nasty, selfish and dirty people."

John Walker, a Bovingdon resident for the past 27 years and show secretary of the horticultural society, said the comments did not ring true to his experience.

He said: "It’s a village which is very active, in terms of village life "The main attraction is that it has a very active high street for a village which is rare these days.

"Bovingdon is quite large as villages go but there are quite a few active societies ranging from horticulture to tennis."

"Every area has a few inconsiderate motorists who zoom down the high street but this is a few boy racers we are talking about, not the whole village."

It is not the first time Mr Reynolds has been caught up in online controversy, he recently posted an article on his blog accusing a named individual of hacking the CLEAR website and posting an article saying he had been removed as leader.

When contacted by the Watford Observer, Mr Reynolds defended the post and said if anything the situation had worsened since he wrote the piece.

He said: "I continue to visit the area regularly, even more often nowadays as my parents become older and more infirm.

"Of course, I am sure that there are many very nice and responsible people in Bovingdon but you can drive through the High Street at anytime of day to see recurrent displays of the most selfish, inconsiderate and dangerous behaviour.

"I don't wish to stereotype but it is extraordinary how many of these huge 4x4s are driven by women who can't judge the width of their vehicle and seem to think they have a right to park wherever they want, with or without warning or consideration for others.

"Similarly, particularly around the Barnes Lane and Bulstrode Lane areas, the fly-tipping problem continues. I repeat the question - why are there so many nasty, selfish and dirty people in this wealthy and privileged part of the country?"