Hertsmere MP James Clappison has called on security company G4S to hand over top Olympics tickets to the soldiers and police called in to cover games venues.
Hours after he and fellow members of the Home Affairs Select Committee grilled G4S chief executive Nick Buckles about the company's inability to deliver the 10,400 security guards required, Mr Clappison called on the company to reward the stand-in security with tickets to top events.
Speaking to the Watford Observer, he said: "I would like to see the police and armed forces coming in get a good deal for tickets, perhaps even the best tickets.
"Some of these people have been doing a very tough job for a long time and have been asked to come back to this."
Despite the difficulties, Mr Clappison firmly believes the Olympics will be a success and that the military and police will be able to take up the slack.
"I have discussed what is needed with police and I am very confident about their ability to provide security at Olympic venues but I feel they need more information from G4S about what is required," he said.
"I found it surprising that G4S wasn't able to give us more than the very basic facts. They need to reflect what the scale of the problem is.
"I still feel it will be a great Olympics. Public spirit is high and I have every confidence in our police and armed forces."