Inspired by the forthcoming Olympic and Paralympic games in London members of DRUM (Disability Recreation Unity Movement) have taken part in an art challenge which was exhibited to the public at the latest Drumworks exhibition.

Members of DRUM have spent six months preparing for the event with a variety of creative and unique artwork to capture the excitement and spirit of these huge events.

Dr Malcolm Jones, the president of the Rotary Club in Watford, opened the event and said: “Each time I come to DRUM I am amazed by the quality of work done by its members.”

The charity is based in north Watford and is a small registered charity which looks after up to 60 adults who have physical and/or sensory disabilities.

Some members of the charity are born with a disability although most have become disabled because of an illness or an accident.

Drum is run by a management committee of disabled members and carers and supported by part time staff and volunteers.

Manager Sarah Sullivan said: “I am always amazed by our members and their ‘I’ll have a go at it’ attitude. The mosaic work was something new and members really enjoyed doing these.”

DRUM provides a regular day time break and support to more than 100 unpaid carers every week. Funding is received from Hertfordshire County Council but DRUM still has to raise more than £40,000 a year in order to keep services running at the current level.