Tens of thousands of eager customers waited in a massive online queue for one of Aldi's coveted air fryers.

The air fryers, released today on the Aldi website, sold out quickly but not before leaving many angered customers stuck in a queue behind tens of thousands of other buyers.

The long queue was attributed to high demand for the item while both the company's website and app crashed soon after the store opened air fryer orders to the public.

The store's own-brand air fryers cost just £89.99 while many other brands go for more than double this.

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While the first wave of air fryers went live today (Sunday, November 6) at 8 am, Aldi has promised to release the sought-after products in store on Sunday, November 13.

In response to a user expressing their anger at the air fryer selling out, Aldi said on Twitter: "The demand for our Specialbuys range has been extremely high and has impacted the performance of our website. We can confirm that the Air Fryer has now sold out online however will be available to purchase in store from the 13th November. We hope this helps."

In a statement, the retailer added that due to demand for the air fryer "customers may have been held in a queue to enter the website. This was to improve customer experience on the website when they entered and made their purchase.”

Customers react to site crash as Aldi air fryers sell out

Many on the social media platform expressed frustration with one user saying: "Pure let down. There’s no other words for it @AldiUK People are desperate and you widely advertised a product yet numerous people weren’t even able to access the site. If anyone wants to read all the comments look at the dual air fryer on the Aldi website. If it even exists."

While another added: "How on earth has anyone even been able to get on your website to purchase the air fryer for it to be sold out. I’ve been on since 8am and not once has the website allowed me on! Could have done with the queuing system this morning at 8am!!"

Some found it easier to get a hold of the new air fryer with one user simply saying: "Got an Aldi Air Fryer at 11am without even trying mate."

Many more took to the product's review section to express their anger, with one reviewer writing: "Impossible to purchase! Misleading and a lie #fakeNews."

The Aldi website is now back up and running as normal and can be visited here.