No matter how bad Watford fans are feeling tonight, at least Laurence Bassini isn’t in charge of the club anymore.

The Watford Observer has had very minimal contact with the former owner since he left the club last summer following the Pozzo family’s takeover.

Yet the Stanmore businessman decided to text deputy group sports editor Frank Smith gloating text messages on the final whistle of today's Championship Play-Off final defeat to Crystal Palace.

The below are three separate text messages which were sent this evening. They have been edited slightly due to extremely poor punctuation.

Bassini said: “How is the feeling in the town now? Ask Anthony (Matthews, the group sports editor) because for me the feeling is amazing.

“What goes around comes around. This is my happiest memory of Watford.

“Print this in the paper, Laurence Bassini.

“I have to go now and open the Champagne.

“All my love to Watford.”

This text message was followed 20 minutes later by two more.

He said: “Can’t see any Watford fans on telly. They must be in Watford town enjoying the feeling with Anthony.”

And then added: “Put me on your website tonight; every word I have quoted.”

So we have fulfilled Bassini’s wish.

Now I don’t know about you, but reading these text messages and knowing this man is no longer involved in the club has softened the blow of today slightly.

Today has been a tough day but Watford look forward to a bright future under the Pozzo family.