This afternoon ex-Watford FC owner Laurence Bassini rang the Watford Observer to complain about our coverage. In the process, he expressed his frustration at our frequent use of a picture of him in a red builders' hat.

We would consider ourselves fair at the Watford Observer so with only four pictures of Laurence available, we have decided to let you - the Hornets supporters and our readers - decide which picture of the Stanmore businessman we should use moving forward.

Is it our shot of him alongside former Watford FC Limited director Panos Thomas or is it the club's in-house picture of him at his old desk?

Or do you think Laurence looks at his best alongside ex-Hornets defender Eddie Oshodi, a picture taken from the player's Twitter account?

If you don't share the same view as Laurence and still prefer our picture of him in a builder's hat, then let us know by taking part in our ballot below.