Middlesbrough head coach Aitor Karanka accused Watford of time wasting and said it was impossible to play against them in the second half of their defeat.

The Boro boss blamed their opponents for slowing down the contest as his side failed to break down the Hornets in the 1-0 loss.

Karanka said: "In the second half we conceded a goal and after that it was impossible to play. They showed they were much more experienced than us and it was impossible to play.

"The ball spent more time stopped than played. I don't know how many times they went to the floor and how many minutes we lost so it was very difficult for us to play. We don't know how to play in that way."

He added: "I'm concerned why we have four bookings and the other team was never booked?

"Why can they waste time and do whatever they want and every single play for us is a yellow card? This is my concern not the yellow cards."