Scott Duxbury spoke of his pride at being able to unveil a statue of Watford’s greatest ever manager Graham Taylor.

The Watford chairman and CEO reflected on the impact Taylor had on the Hornets both while he was at the club and after he departed.

Read the full transcript of Duxbury’s tribute to Taylor below.

Duxbury said: “Ladies and gentleman, thank you so much for coming here today for what is a most special occasion. It’s a real honour to be among the supporters and of course Graham’s family.

“As chairman of the football club it was my privilege to commission the statue to honour Watford’s greatest ever manager, a phrase that has so often been used following Graham’s ill-timed passing. Ever since the club commissioned the statue it’s a phrase I’ve often considered myself.

“Of course the history books show that Graham was Watford’s greatest ever manager – the promotions, the victories, the trophies. But Graham’s legacy is far more than this.

"Graham was the chairman of the football club, a supporter of the football club and above all else a friend of the football club. A friend that was there through the good times, a friend that was there through the bad times and a friend that was there for everybody at the football club.

Watford Observer:

“There are many people here today who knew Graham for a long time, far longer than I knew him. But the thing that gives me a different perspective on Graham, for although I didn’t know him as long as others, the impression and impact he had on will last a lifetime. Graham was a man I found with warmth, humour, integrity and great honour.

"Graham was always someone I would like forward to seeing before a game in the chairman’s lounge and with his passing his loss there was deeply felt. Graham has a special place at this football club, a really special place and it will never, ever be forgotten.

“Six years ago when we bought this football club many supporters had concerns about the ownership and indeed me. Graham was the first person to phone me, to reassure me, to tell me the values of Watford Football Club and pretty much tell me how I should run it. Six years later I’m still deeply motivated to make sure we meet those values and meet those expectations that Graham so clearly set in that phone call.

“So yes today is about a statue to honour Watford’s greatest ever manager but for all of us the statue is so much more. It’s to ensure and acknowledge whilst we’ve loss a friend, he will never be forgotten.”