4-2 for the Hornets with Deeney and Gray partnering each other in attack, while Sema will get his first taste of Vicarage Road.

Femenia returns on the bench, but there is still no sign of Doucoure, Deulofeu and Chalobah among the squad.

Read the full transcript of Blissett's address below.

“Thank you all very much for that welcome and I’m really pleased to see you all here on what is for me an amazing day to see this statue unveiled because Graham was obviously someone very dear to myself and you.”

Having welcomed Tom Walley and John Ward, Luther continued: “A little while after Graham passing one of Graham’s beloved grandchildren shared a pre-match quote and that really struck home about how remarkable a manager he was and his approach to football and life. I’d like to share that with you now because it sums up the spirit Graham instilled in the dressing room and supporters alike, a spirit which created many golden times for us all, on and off the pitch, and this is what Graham said:

“In life there are so many opportunities, they are always around and about us. There are too many people in life that never see them, then are those people who see the opportunities but don’t grasp them, then are the other people who are generally life’s winners. They see the opportunities, they go looking for them and then they take them and that’s what you’re facing now on the football field. Now go out there and take it, it’s yours. And that was something that Graham told us before a game. Unfortunately though, we didn’t win that game because, let’s face it, you can’t win them all and that was something we soon understood and how to deal with that.

“We didn’t win that particular game but speaking for all the players, his Taylor Made Army, we never feared any challenge, we never entered the field of play with a half-hearted approach. He showed us, time after time, it was about giving our best every day and believing in yourself and each other because if we believed then you, the supporters, would believe. It was about winning together and dealing with the losses together. We built a glorious Hornet heart together and it was unbreakable until Graham’s passing.

“I was honoured to be asked to follow in Graham’s footsteps, not coaching, but taking part in a radio show. Graham had spoken beautifully about Watford and family because Watford Football Club became his extended family, a real community. It brought us real emotion as players, amazing moments, incredible highs and yes there were lows. Such is the rollercoaster ride of a football season, but would we have it any other way?

Graham Taylor made history with his achievements here at Vicarage Road. He set the absolute gold standard for future managers and players. That past is important. It should be respected and celebrated, not feared or forgotten. It should demonstrate what can be achieved when everyone commits to a cause and community. This is Graham Taylor’s legacy. Be better as players and as people. This statue will enable every one of us who has a true Hornet heart to remember it was his that made our club so special.

“Thank you Rita and family for letting us, the players, have Graham on loan. And thank you GT for giving Watford more than great football. A club with unique spirit and inspired heart.”