Joanne Taylor says she has been humbled by the reaction of Watford fans since her father Graham passed away in January 2017.

The Watford great’s daughter was speaking at the unveiling of a statue in honour of Taylor where she thanked the club for their tribute.

Choosing to quote her father when addressing fans, Joanne stressed the importance played by those on the terraces at Vicarage Road during her father’s two Watford tenures.

She said: “First of all you will see I’ve got a bit of paper. As Luther and I were saying, dad was quite a fan of pen and paper so mine’s in the old fashioned style.

“For those of you who knew dad let me reassure you this speech will be short and sweet.

“Since his sudden death in January 2017, as a family we have been humbled by the many tributes paid to him. Also we are incredibly appreciative of the kindness and generosity shown to us by Gino Pozzo, Scott and the Watford family for welcoming us as regular visitors to Vicarage Road.

“All of us here I’m sure will have fond memories of the Graham Taylor era and to know that this incredible statue sculpted by Douglas can be visited, photographed and touched by supporters gives us great comfort.

“I would like to finish by quoting dad from his autobiography which would make him smile as he would not believe that I was allowing him to have the last words. So in the words of dad: I have never changed my opinion that football is a game for the people.

“During my career I tried not to lose sight of the fact that we were striving to be successful for the supporters, as well as ourselves. Yes, we could all carry on playing the game without them but there wouldn’t be anything like the sense of enjoyment and satisfaction when things go well. Those memories can never be forgotten.”