Watford head coach Javi Gracia has insisted his players respect referees after captain Troy Deeney was asked to clarify comments made about David Coote.

The Football Association has asked Deeney to explain his comments following Wednesday's 3-3 draw with Bournemouth, in which he suggested that referee Coote "bottled it" when it came to making big decisions.

The Hornets' boss has backed his team and claimed that his players are always well behaved.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow's FA Cup third round tie with Woking, Gracia said: "I think our attitude as a club is always to support the referees.

"In this case I think maybe because these words were at the end of the game, it’s only that. My players always have a very good attitude and very good behaviour.

"After the game, you ask me about referees' decisions, I try to support them all the time. Sometimes they make mistakes, just like us.

"All of us respect the referees and try to support them."

Gracia was also asked if there was a possibility of losing Deeney to a ban if the FA decided to look unfavourably on the skipper's remarks, but the head coach simply replied: "I don't know."