Jose Holebas says Watford's team mentality is the key to their success this season and that if they can keep it up, there could still be more to come.

The Greek international said that the club's current emphasis on teamwork was absent in recent years, but this season the club has got it just right and it is something he is proud to be a part of.

"I’m proud of how we work as a team, really proud of that," he said.

"That was missing the last seasons. We’re really helping each other now. The hunger was missing a little bit, to try to win games. 

"That’s why we’re doing so well, that’s what I like. It’s not like a one man show, it’s 11 players on the pitch and we have to show that.

"We’ve done really well this season, but who puts the most work into the game will win the game. I think the boys are really ready for that."

Holebas was at Watford the last time they reached the FA Cup semi-final, but was not involved on the day.

However, the 34-year-old watched the match that day and knows the Hornets are a much stronger side now than they were then.

"I watched it, we lost against Palace," he said.

"It was unlucky, but that’s football. You never know which way it's going.

"I think some players are still here, but some also improved a little bit more now than before.

"It was a future project here and you can see now the improvement of it in the team.

"I think we shouldn't change anything because we are doing really good now."

Holebas also spoke about the atmosphere in English football stadiums and admitted he thought they were a little quieter than what he had become accustomed to in Greece, Italy and Germany. 

The full-back urged the fans travelling to Wembley to make as much noise as possible to help spur the team on.

He said: "Sometimes, the stadiums are a little quiet here if I’m really honest. In Greece sometimes you can’t even hear your own words. They live it really different over there.

"For a cup final in Greece, it will be on fire, I have to say.

"In Germany they have this as well, in Dortmund you have the yellow wall, the atmosphere is different. They don’t have this over here yet.

"Especially where I was playing the fans are different, really different to here. Here is like father and son going to the stadium.

"I don’t know how it is now in Wembley, but it’s a big stadium and let’s see how many people are coming for that game. 

"I think there will be noise. I hope there will be noise, a lot."