Luther Blissett has praised Watford chief executive and chairman Scott Duxbury after Sunday’s FA Cup victory for continuing the legacy of former manager and club legend Graham Taylor.

The former Hornets’ striker said that Duxbury was maintaining the values left in place by Taylor and helping to pass them on to the next generation of supporters.

“I would like to say, Scott Duxbury has been a big supporter of the legacy and everything Watford Football Club stood for under Graham Taylor,” he said.

“I bumped into him on Sunday after the game, he was as excited as any supporter that I’ve seen.

“We had a high five and a hug and really it was absolutely fantastic.

“All we can do in this position I’m in, with the support of Scott, is to try and remind as many people as we can of the values of Watford Football Club.

“We just have to keep doing that.”

Blissett himself missed out on Watford’s last FA Cup final in 1984, after he left the club to play for AC Milan.

However, he said now he is a supporter and is looking forward to the “most wonderful occasion” before praising the Hornets fans for their efforts and support during the match.

He said: “As a fan, which I am now, it’s something you dream of at the beginning of every season and that dream is being recognised now.

“It’s the most wonderful occasion and we’re all really looking forward to it.

“I want to thank all our fans because I went to the Green Man, one of the designated Watford pubs there, and the reception there was quite incredible.

“I said to them to not let Wolves out-sing us and they did us proud, they were fantastic and the 1881 with the flags and all the bits they did was absolutely brilliant.

“The colour and the singing and their support, all those things was what a cup tie is all about.”

Looking ahead to the final, Blissett believes that Watford, despite going into the game as underdogs, really have nothing to worry about.

He said: “Everybody will write them off, but Watford, in the two games we’ve played against them this season, we have given them a bit of a game.

“If they get to the Champions League final they’ll be playing the week after the FA Cup, so they’ll have decisions to make about their team.

“We’ve just got to concentrate on doing our job, preparing properly for it, it really is not anything Watford should fear at all.”