Watford are not expecting Wolverhampton Wanderers to be out for revenge when they arrive at Vicarage Road on Saturday, according to Ben Foster.

The Hornets’ goalkeeper said that, although the Hornets bested Wolves in dramatic fashion in the FA Cup semi-final, as well as beating them on the road at Molineux, he is expecting the Black Country club to be preparing for this game as they would for any other, with both sides battling for seventh place in the league table.

“The main focus for both of the teams will be to get a win,” he said.

“This race for seventh has really hotted up over the last few weeks, everybody seems to be getting results, pulling them out of the blue, so it’s really upped the ante. 

“We can’t really focus on the occasion or who it is we’re playing, or what’s at stake, we just need to focus on what we do best and our style of play and what’s going to benefit us most.”

Foster thinks that Watford have a very good chance of making it three wins against Wolves at the weekend, particularly if they focus on their own strengths.

He said: “Obviously we’ll look at Wolves and see what their threats are, they’ve got a lot of quality players, but we’ve got a lot of our own.

“I think if we focus on ourselves and what we can do, that’ll give us the best chance on Saturday.

“I don’t think we’ll put any extra pressure on ourselves, we’ll approach Wolves the same way we approached them in the FA Cup, the same way we approached them away.”