Luther Blissett has said Watford need to go to Wembley on Saturday focused on bringing home the FA Cup.

The Hornets' all time top goalscorer said he was proud to see the club reach the final for only the second time in their history, but now wants them to go one better than they did 35 years ago.

"You’re proud of it, but we’ve been to the cup final once as a club," he said.

"What you want is to come back one better - this time we’d like to come back and bring the trophy.

"That’s how I see it and I’m sure the players are exactly the same and I think the supporters need to think the same way.

"Sometimes we all get carried away about how great it is to get to the cup final, but it’s even greater to win the cup.

"The players and all the supporters need to be on board with that. We’re going there to win the cup and not just to enjoy the day out.

"That’s got to be the way, regardless of who you’re playing, you’ve got to go there with the sole intention of winning and the players will be, the supporters need to be sat with the same way of thinking because that positive energy can make the difference between them getting that result and not."

Watford's Premier League season saw them break several club records, including most goals scored in the Premier League and most wins and points earned in the division as well.

However, Blissett feels that the shine has somewhat been taken off the season by a late slip down the table that saw the club drop out of the top half and finish in 11th.

The Hornets' legend thinks that the FA Cup presents the perfect opportunity for them to redefine how they will look back on the season.

"This season has been a very good season, but what will define the season will be their performance and hopefully bringing the FA Cup home," he said.

"We’re in a very good place, the cup final obviously gives us a very positive outlook, but I personally would be a little bit disappointed that we’ve fallen so far away from seventh place.

"You look at where Watford are now and that shine has gone off it from when we were fighting for seventh.

"That was going to be the finish we would have had, had we had one or two results.

"I think we’d have looked at the season very differently from that, but overall it will be a very good season for us to look back on and the cup final could be that crowning moment if they can manage it."