Kyle Langford has apologised for "letting himself down" following an altercation with a track official during a British Milers' Club meeting in Watford on Saturday evening.

Langford, who is from Watford and took silver at last year's Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast, Australia, was disqualified from his race for completing a warm-up sprint close to an on-going 5,000m race.

Following the red card, the 800m runner was reported to have grabbed the official by the throat and shove him, with video of the incident later emerging online.

Langford, who was allowed to race and finished fifth behind winner Jake Wightman,  took to social media to apologise the day after the incident, claiming pre-race tension had got the better of him.

"Yesterday [Saturday] I let myself and my support team down by reacting angrily to an official at the BMC event," he tweeted.

"I allowed pre-race tension to get to me too much and my behaviour fell well short of what it should be.

"I have apologised to the official involved and have also followed up in writing, but I know that this wasn't acceptable and I apologise that I behaved in that way.

"The officials in the UK are amongst the best in the world, and their work at events like the BMC have meant athletes like me have had the chance to compete in some brilliant races. Once again, I'm very sorry and will be sure never to repeat this behaviour."

British Athletics have said they will be reviewing the incident.