The upcoming Premier League season will see head-to-head records used to decide the final positions of teams who finish level in the table on points, goal difference and goals scored.

The decision has been made amid the introduction of a number of different law changes, already published earlier this summer, including changes to handballs and drop-balls and of course the introduction of Video Assistant Referees (VAR).

Previously, teams who finished the season in such a predicament would be forced to play a one-off playoff fixture, should their final league place be of any significance regarding the title, European places or relegation.

However, this season, the teams' head-to-head records will be used to determine who finishes in the higher position to make the possibility of a playoff even less likely.

If both head-to-head matches ended in a draw, the team who scored the most away goals will finish highest.

Should that not be a deciding factor either, then a playoff will be necessary.

A statement published on the Premier League website reads: "In 2019/20 the team who have collected the most points in the head-to-head duels between the sides lying level on points, goal difference and number of goals scored, will take the highest finishing position, while the team with the fewest will take the lowest place.

"If clubs still cannot be separated, the team who scored the most goals away from home in the head-to-head matches will get the highest position.

"Only if the clubs remain level in the table after this will a playoff be arranged, at a neutral ground, with the format, timing and venue being determined by the Premier League Board."