Watford's 8-0 humiliation at the hands of Manchester City demonstrated the grim reality of the Premier League's chasmic void in expectation between those at the top and those at the bottom.

Following the game, the Hornets remain rooted in last place, only now they are burdened with a goal difference of -14 to add to their winless start.

While some will suggest they were mere victims of circumstance - as City meted out revenge for a poor defeat to Norwich the week before - others will point to the Canaries' performance as an example of what can be achieved with fight and spirit.

Watford offered neither in their dismal display at the Etihad and while these ratings are supposed to be an analysis of how each player performed individually, it would be inaccurate to suggest any of them really made a noticeable impact on the game.

For that reason, a blanket criticism of their approach is all that can be offered to this critically lacklustre display from a side that let the situation get the better of them and downed tools within the opening quarter of an hour of play.

Realistically speaking, the Hornets were lucky it was only eight.

City could have inflicted more damage had they not taken their foot off the gas, or had Sergio Aguero not been having an off day in front of goal, and the fact Quique Sanchez Flores pointed to last weekend's come back against Arsenal as a solitary positive for his side to focus on is telling of just how much this result could affect team morale.

Additionally, Sanchez Flores said that the game was not just lost in one area and that Watford conceded most of their goals “in different ways” which points to a team collectively failing to step up to the mark, rather than one or two rotten apples poisoning the rest of the bunch.

A Carabao Cup game on Tuesday means there is a chance to put this defeat to bed quicker than a team ordinarily might be able to, but if this wound is allowed to fester for any great length of time, its consequences could be felt long into the season.

Meanwhile, Wolverhampton Wanderers are next up for the Hornets in the Premier League in a game where points are a must.

Wolves are the only team other than Watford to not have won a game in the league during the current campaign and even the scrappiest of wins could provide the jump-start needed to finally get Sanchez Flores’ men moving in the right direction.

Seven games into a season would usually be too soon for a single match to be described as a relegation six-pointer and I don’t think things have reached that point just yet.

But in the shadow of this potentially confidence-shattering defeat, the upcoming week feels significant to say the very least.