Quique Sanchez Flores says he found himself struggling to sleep following Watford's nightmare defeat to Manchester City last weekend.

The Hornets' head coach claimed his pride meant he found it difficult to drift off because he was thinking about the 8-0 humbling at the Etihad, but that he was able to eventually put it out of his mind and move on.

"It's difficult to sleep," he said.

"Of course, it's difficult to sleep because, if you are proud, you are professional, if you work really hard, you are representing fans and you are representing some status, you are in this position to do things well and sometimes you can get shy and it's not enough.

"Then you prefer to be quiet, retire, go to your room, think about it. Spend a couple of days thinking about it, but then you go and live.

"It's about how you want to treat this kind of result. You can forget for a long time, or you can release as soon as possible, that's why we tried to not over-analyse the match.

"These kind of different things happen sometimes in football, so we tried to correct, try to learn from these kind of situations and try to use that in the future."

The Hornets' boss used to use running to clear his mind, but admitted that an injury has prevented him from exercising for the last eight months.

He hopes one day soon to make the most of the parks in London, but said he is currently more pre-occupied with the fitness of his players.

"For me running is a way to clear my mind," he said.

"When you run you have two positions in the brain. You can run for thinking, or run to forget everything. Sometimes when I'm running I come up with a lot of ideas, or sometimes you clear and you're completely empty. That's also good.

"I have some injury in my Achilles tendon eight months ago. After eight months it's difficult. The parks in London, they are waiting for me. I love them.

"I can't run too much now - a maximum of 10 or 15 minutes. The most important is the players. If they can run, it's okay. If they can run 12 kilometres in the match. 10, 11 or 12, I don't mind."