Kyle Langford has spoken of his frustration after being denied a place in the 800m final at the World Athletics Championships in Doha last night.

Watford runner Langford finished fifth in the semi-final, but felt he was in a good position to challenge for one of the top places before finding himself blocked by other competitors.

Speaking to Athletics Weekly after the race, he said his fate might have been different had it not been for some athletes who "don't know how to run".

"It was bumper cars at one point," he said of the race.

"I'm just really disappointed to be honest because I felt like was making up a lot of ground on those last 100 metres and I really feel like I was getting into my stride and like I was getting quicker and quicker.

"On the replays I saw only one other athlete who looked like they weren't fading as much as the others and it still looked like I was going to be creeping into that qualifier and then, just getting cut up the whole way round and the Kenyan[Ngeno Kipngetich] and the Moroccan [Oussama Nabil] are just all over the place.

"It was like that the whole way. The first 400 was okay, but the Kenyan guy is all over the place and the problem is I run into the back of [Brandon] McBride. That's a connecting chain of guys not knowing how to run. He does something, the rest go back and it just messes up the whole race.

"No one can tell me I was never going to make it through in that last 100 because I was moving as quick as anyone else and with me getting caught, you never know what's going to happen in there.

"There's people who just don't know how to run, swerving in and out and just ruin races really.

"Two or three athletes who were all over the place. It's a cruel game and I'm very frustrated."