Quique Sanchez Flores says he has no regrets about accepting the Watford head coach job despite his team sitting bottom of the league two months after he took charge.

The Spaniard claims he knew life would be tough back in the Premier League with the Hornets struggling in the relegation zone, but said he is still positive and believes he is the man to turn things around.

“I was thinking it would be difficult,” he said.

“We know exactly how is the programme and how difficult it is to go for every single match in the Premier League.

“I don’t feel deflated, I still feel very positive. When you come here, you need to play against Arsenal, against Tottenham, against Chelsea, against City. It’s not an excuse it’s just the programme, we need to accept it.

“But anyway we still feel positive, we believe in the players, we transmit the values, we transmit the habits and everything to improve the performance. I’m not regretting, I’m not going to surrender, I’m not going to give up anytime until the last day I’m training here.”

Sanchez Flores also claims to still have a very good relationship with the supporters, despite boos being directed his way during the 2-1 home defeat against Chelsea.

“I still have a good relationship and I will have a good one in the future,” he said. “If I’m here, or if I’m in another team, I’ll still have that because when you put something inside your heart, it’s impossible to take it out. For me this is the way I think.

"I'm upset with myself that we are not able at the moment to change the situation and to offer something to the fans something they like, they want and they need, but I will work until the last day with this idea."